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Negev & Mitzpe Ramon Holidays

Ramon Crater

Introduction to Israels Negev region

The Negev desert accounts for most of Southern Israel and covers half of Israel’s total land area. This vast and arid region contains a surprising wealth of sights - historical, cultural and natural, and ideally should be included on the holiday itinerary of anyone wanting to experience the real Israel.

Nabateans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Canaanites and many more have inhabited the Negev throughout history, and the remnants of these societies are integral to the desert’s unique identity. In ancient times the famed Spice Road passed through the Negev; today tourists travel from afar to discover the region’s hidden gems.

One of the most dramatic and impressive sights in the Negev is the Ramon Crater. The largest of the three craters found in the Negev, the Ramon Crater is 40k long and was created millions of years ago by ancient rivers changing course after the formation of the Arava Rift Valley. Located in the Ramon Nature Reserve and surrounded by the Negev Mountains, Mitzpe Ramon is the only settlement in the area and is perched on the very edge of the crater. It’s here that the Beresheet Hotel, one of the most unique hotels in our programme, is located. 

Negev Desert view

Location of the Negev region

Israels Negev region is located to the South. Mitzpe Ramon is located almost in the centre, approximately 130km from the Dead Sea, 190km from Tel Aviv and 150km from Eilat.

The Negev Desert in Israel

Climate in the Negev region

Being a desert area, the Negev experiences very little rainfall, and is characteristically hot during the day and cool at night. Winters tend to be cool, especially towards the North. The Southern area of the Negev remains temperate throughout the year.

Best Time to go

Summer is the time to visit the Negev if you want to do some sunbathing, but spring and autumn offer ideal conditions for sightseeing.

Temperature Guide

Maximum daily temperatures in degrees celsius.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
13 14 17 23 27 29 31 31 29 25 19 15

Negev Hotels

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Beresheet Hotel Mitzpe Ramon - 2018 Holidays

Beresheet Hotel Mitzpe Ramon - 2018 Holidays

This hotel normally forms part of a tailor-made or short stay itinerary. We have great deals and the best rates for this hotel so please call us on 020 3384 0028 for pirces and further information.

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