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Eilat Holidays

Diving holidays in Eilat

Diving in Eilat

Shore and boat diving opportunities are available in Eilat, including diving with semi-wild dolphins at Dolphin Reef.

Best months for weather/visibility/marine life in Eilat

Eilat offers year round opportunities for diving.

Marine life in Eilat

Eilat is home to a diversity of fish and marine life, including dolphins, moray eels, glassfish, parrot fish, octopus and squid. Whalesharks are occasionally seen in the area.

Dive centres in Eilat

AquaSport Eilat is one of the oldest and best established dive centres in the Red Sea region and offers introductory dives, PADI courses for beginners, advanced PADI courses for qualified divers and recreational diving packages.

Eilat Diving Highlights

  • Japanese Gardens: Located in a nature reserve, with only a limited number of divers granted access each day. Impressive coral formations and a plethora of fish species can be found here.
  • Dolphin Reef: Your chance to interact with the family of semi-wild dolphins at Dolphin Reef. The animals are naturally inquisitive and a dive with them is simply unforgettable.
  • Moses Rock: A great shore dive only 400m from the beach’s main swimming area. Prolific fish life and great visibility make this dive ideal for underwater photographers.

Dive Centers in Eilat Holidays