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Aswan Holidays

Nile River at Aswan

Introduction to Holidays in Aswan

Aswan is the smallest, most relaxed and quietest of the three most visited cities on the Nile. It is, however, rich in monuments, with sites such as the Temple of Philae, Agha Khan Mausoleum and the unfinished obelisk, not forgetting the relatively modern Aswan High dam.
A serene Nile valley destination, Aswan is often acknowledged as the most picturesque part of this awe inspiring river. The Nile majestically flows through and over formations of granite rock and around the lush green islands covered in tropical vegetation and palm trees. For an unbeatable way to intimately experience the beauty of Aswan’s Nile, a felluca ride is the ideal way to get up close.
Running alongside the Nile, the corniche is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll or perhaps something to eat at one of many cafes and restaurants with panoramic views of the rivers scenery.
If you want to see the breathtaking temples of Abu Simbel, Aswan is perfectly located. The early start to ensure you get there with plenty of time for sightseeing will be rewarded with an experience not to be forgotten.   
Aswan is also the most southern point of Nile Cruise itineraries and the departure point for Lake Nasser cruises.

 Nile View from the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract at Aswan

Location of Aswan

Located in Egypt’s Nile Valley, picturesque Aswan, is 130 km’s south of Luxor and 900 km’s south of Cairo.

 Philae Temple in Aswan

Climate in Aswan

Hot and dry, Aswan enjoys year round good weather and benefits from low humidity during the hot summer months, and a gentle and pleasant winter.

The coolest you are likely to find it in the winter is 16°C, even at night, with average daytime temperatures between 23°C and 30°C and very little rain, if any at all.

In summer temperatures reach 35°C+ and can get a little hot for anything too energetic, but if you are a fan of the heat, it’s a great time to be there when the main attractions are relatively quiet, giving you time to explore at a leisurely pace.

Best Time to go

Aswan is a year round destination but the best time for a holiday there is March - May, September and October when the weather is most suitable for visiting the wonderful sights of this magnificent area.

Aswan Temperature Guide

Average daily temperatures in degrees celsius.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
23 26 32 35 37 39 42 42 39 36 30 24


Multi Centre Holidays including Aswan

Let us design an Egypt multi centre holiday for you. Combine your stay in Aswan with Luxor or a Nile Cruise, maybe take a flight up to Cairo and see the Great Pryamids and Sphinx. Some suggested itineraries below including Aswan:

Nile Cruises are great way to see the main sights, spread along the banks of the River Nile from the Aswan High Dam up to Luxor.
All excursions are accompanied by an experienced Egyptologist who will make sure you get the very best from your visits.
Most cruise itineraries are for a duration of 7 nights although shorter 3 or 4 night options are possible if you are short for time or want to combine your cruise with a stay in Luxor, Cairo, Aswan, Alexandria or one of Egypt’s Red Sea resorts.

Lake Nasser cruises are an alternative to the traditional Nile Cruise and offer a rare opportunity to discover the sights south of Aswan, including the magnificent Abu Simbel temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site. These temples were incredibly relocated in the 1960’s to a spot 60 metres above where they were originally built,  after high water levels created after the construction of the Aswan high Dam threatened to submerge them.

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